Book Cover- Caring WithCompassion_A Legacy Of Love

Announcing my new book project for pre-order

I’m announcing

my new book project “Caring With Compassion, A Legacy oF Love” ,a tribute to my parents honoring their Legacy Of Love. How they raised me, shaped my world view teaching and showing me unconditional “Love” “compassion” “wisdom” most of all introducing me to “Yeshua” ( Jesus) teaching me how to live by “Faith” knowing who I am whose I AM, in this world navigating life walking 🚶🏾‍♂️in my purpose and assignments…..

I’m so grateful and thankful for the gift of my parents and honoring their #LegacyofLove sharing their memories what I learned about “character” “integrity” “justice” “advocacy” and ” navigating systems of care” using my voice activating change that empowers and inspires others to do the same….

Ma’ I know you’re proud of me both you and dad. I cherish every memory moments we shared always holding you both in my #Heart ❤️💝💕😘


Click link to pre order “Caring With Compassion, Legacy Of Love”


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