About Ronita

As a disability advocate, consultant, and educator I promote disability awareness using my 30 + years experiences personally and professionally working within the healthcare social services systems supporting individuals with chronic health care conditions and disabilities. I have educated many individuals with disabilities, without disabilities, who need, to understand navigating an integrating healthcare system, by bringing awareness to healthcare professionals, medical providers across systems,  the business community, and communities, in accessing services supports for consumers, quality of life, to remain at home and/or engaging their community, for safety and welfare, to maximize independence cost effectively. I have a B.S. degree in Rehabilitation Services and Counseling, I’m a certified Patient Advocate, have worked as a Case Manager serving one of  the most vulnerable populations individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), for over 10years, elderly, disabled, disabled veterans, and those diagnosed with chronic health conditions, for a combined 30 + years and I have acquired additional training licenses.

My most personal experiences have been as a caregiver to my mom for 14 years and my personal health issues placing me on this trajectory journey, into the world of healthcare. Having personally navigated the healthcare systems, for myself and mom is where I learned, to use my voice to ensure quality services were provided, advocating, and working collaboratively w/various healthcare disciplines, teams, maximizing appropriate services to accomplish health goals and receive quality care.

These personal experiences awaken my passion to educate those in the healthcare profession about disability awareness, how to serve, advocate, empower, those we support, with more compassion, recognizing abilities, taking a holistic “person-centered” planning approach and becoming knowledgeable about disabilities and appropriate resources to maximize independence.

I like to share my insights of being a caregiver to my mom participating, in her rehabilitation process and managing my own chronic health issues as a healthcare professional working FT. Sharing how my upbringing, values, principles, faith, unconditional love, my parent’s, taught me shaped my life. Established a foundation of purpose compassion and a servant’s heart that have equipped me for my journey as a caregiver, healthcare professional, and advocate, educator, to those most vulnerable amongst us in society. In doing so I honor my parent’s legacy of love.