About Ronita

I am Ronita Boullt a “Disability Awareness Advocate Educator and Consultant”, Published Author, Inspirational ~Faith Speaker, Certified Peer Mentor, and Patient Advocate. I provide professional consultation services, workshops, presentations, roundtables discussions, about surviving “trauma”, “mental health”, “navigating systems of care” per my “lived experience” and created online healthcare training curriculum, for healthcare professionals, caregivers, providers, and individuals navigating systems care, with complex healthcare needs, disabilities supporting holistic quality of life, person-centered care, and community engagement.

I have a B.S. degree in Rehabilitation Services and Counseling, I’m a certified “Peer Counselor” and “Patient Advocate”. I have specialized training serving one of the most vulnerable populations individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), as a Case Manager for over 10years. I served the elderly, disabled, disabled veterans, and those diagnosed with complex health conditions, for a combined 30 + years and I have acquired
additional training licenses.

I have provided my expertise, consultations, too many individuals with disabilities, families, caregivers, interdisciplinary healthcare teams/providers, in my personal, and professional experiences working within healthcare social services care systems. I have bought awareness about appropriate resources, services, supporting individuals with chronic health care conditions and disabilities, for quality of life, to the business community, general public, for inclusion, diversity, employment, cost-effective resources for the consumers quality of life, engagement, for safety, welfare, assisting the consumer, in maximizing independence.

My most personal experiences have been my “lived experienced”, overcoming, “mental health traumas”, surviving a “natural disasters” (Hurricane Katrina), my personal chronic health issues, and as my mother’s caregiver, for 14 years, until her transition. I have had to learn how to negotiate the various systems of care placing me on this trajectory. A journey, into the world of healthcare “navigating systems of care”, for myself and mom I learned, to use my voice to ensure quality services were provided, advocating, and working collaboratively w/various healthcare disciplines, teams, maximizing appropriate services to accomplish health goals, and receive quality care.

These personal experiences awaken my passion to educate those in the healthcare profession about disability awareness, “navigating systems of care”, serving the most vulnerable, as an advocate and empowering, those we support, with more compassion, recognizing abilities, taking a holistic “person-centered” planning approach by becoming knowledgeable about disabilities and appropriate resources to maximize “quality of care” and independence. I had an opportunity to co-author a book, sharing my story overcoming “trauma”, coproduced, and participated, in the documentary, for the book project. I shared insights about my “lived experience” overcoming “mental health traumas” and navigating mental health systems. This gave me, a platform to use my voice, share stories bringing awareness about “trauma” impacts, on “mental health, physical health, and overall wellness of the whole person.


Accomplishments along the Journey:

As a Peer Mentor I provide Personal, Professional, Leadership, Branding/Business Consultant, to Peers who have a desire, to serve humanity. As a business brand consultant/mentor my goal is to coach, support, individuals, healthcare professionals, caregivers, those who want, to use their current skill set everyday living, natural giftings, talents, abilities, to fulfill their truest potential developing their niche as a brand. Equipping them with needed tools, that empower, inspire serving others, on purpose, fulfilling purpose, and passion meets a need I call a compassionatePreneur™


I’m the founder/CEO of “ Caring With Compassion Community” ”Peer Led”  faith based  non profit organization, supporting individuals who have experienced/experiencing “traumas”, “mental health” have barriers, in their health and wellness recovery journey. For more information click community link on website https://ronitaboullt.blog/caringwithcompassioncommunity/

I currently serve as the secretary of  “Mental Health Advisory Council”(MHAC), appointed Chairperson of  “Trauma Informed Care/Approach” (TIC/TIA) committee and Co-chair “Mental Health Stigma” (MHS) committee to bring awareness and education about TIC/TIA,  MHS to Washingtonians/ residents who have experience/experiencing “trauma” and/or “Mental Illness” are unaware MHS, and  TIC/TIA , their rights, provide, education resources, awareness, and provide education,  to systems of care, organizations, for policy changes, resources, and accountability, to mitigate the harm caused, by MHS, retraumatizing, etc. For more information click resource link on website https://ronitaboullt.blog/resources/

I currently serve on the city of Tacoma, “Human Rights Commission Board” the commissioner duties and responsibilities are studies, investigates, and mediates community issues that may result, from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, familial status, honorably discharged veteran or military status, or disability, marital status, familial status, honorably discharged veteran or military status, or disability. For more information click resource link on website https://ronitaboullt.blog/resources/

My organization,“Caring With Compassion Community” is a partner with  “Real World Economic Development Academy” a Washington state, African Descent, non-profit organization, dedicated to providing the economic development educational strategic groundwork, for sustainable communities of African Descent.  For more information click resource link on website https://ronitaboullt.blog/resources/

Caring With Compassion Community is a participant of “Spaceworks Tacoma. Spaceworks makes Tacoma culturally vibrant and economically strong through training and support, for artists and creative entrepreneurs. For more information click resource link on website https://ronitaboullt.blog/resources/