Speaker Topics:

❖Navigating Systems of Care

I share insights, on my journey, into the world of healthcare “navigating systems of care”, for myself, my mom, and individuals with chronic health and disabilities I share how I learned, to use my voice to ensure quality services were provided, advocacy, and working collaboratively w/various healthcare disciplines, teams, maximizing appropriate services to accomplish health goals, and receive quality care

❖Breakdown to Breakthrough to Breakout, “My Lived Experience Perspective”

I aspire to inspire you and move you to live, in your purpose, by sharing my story of having a “nervous breakdown” at age 19 years old, after being disillusioned with life, to my “breakthrough” as I matured, grew in wisdom, held on, to my faith, and “breaking out” awakening, to my potential greater purpose. I have liberty, to walk in my purpose, “releasing chains” looking beyond self.” My life experiences led me, to a higher purpose, in serving humanity, developing patience and greater compassion, towards others, especially the most vulnerable among us.

❖Surviving A Natural Disaster: “ My Lived Experience”

I share my experience of surviving the trauma, of hurricane Katrina relocating across the country as a caregiver, and rebuilding my life.

❖Trauma-Informed Approach: “ My Lived Experience”

I share my experience being re-traumatized as a black female navigating through historical systemic racism, in the workplace, due to lack, of workplace policies supporting “Trauma-Informed Approach” education, training.

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Caring With Compassion, ” Systems of Care Navigation Consultation”™ Services:

❖Systems of Care Navigation Consultation: first 15 minutes free; $60, ~30minutes:

Free 15 minute consultation includes: assessment of need, strategies goals, options (i.e. referral, online/offline, resources etc) to resolve barriers, supporting quality of life and community engagement, for individuals with chronic health needs and disabilities
$60,(30min follow up consultation) maximum 1/hour via phone call, zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft team, etc. or in person minimum 1/hour-maximum 2/hour***additional, $20.00, for a total of $80. Anything over 2/hours in person can be discussed/negotiated.

❖Strategic Systems of Care Navigating development package: $125/per month/4mos; $500 one time fee includes:

Navigating systems of care consultation assessment of needs, goals, options ( i.e. contracts, online/offline, resources)implementation planning strategies relevant to resolving barriers supporting quality of life, unique goals and needs. Via telephone call, zoom , FaceTime, Microsoft team, etc., or in-person strategy sessions monthly w/in the 4months.

*** There are no refunds once services are agreed to and/or provided. Services provided by Ronita Boullt and Caring With Compassion™ reserve all rights to cancel services at any time due to nonpayment with or without reasonable explanation from the consumer. Consumers will be notified via verbally, email, text, postal mail whichever method of communication initially established services.

*** Ronita Boullt nor Caring With Compassion™ will not be liable for any unsuccessful outcome of services provided.
***Payment plans are available and Fees are nonnegotiable except were stated.

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