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Caring with Compassion: A Legacy of Love “is dedicated to my parents Roy V. Boullt and Linda K. Boullt, who showed me through their love what unconditional love and compassion look like. Their commitment to each other and their divine connection resulted in me being born into undeniably strong values and morals. What they instilled in me helped me build enough confidence to share my gifts with the world. My parents, through their journeys, helped me discover what my calling was. More importantly, they taught me all these things with unconditional love – showing me unconditional love, having faith in God, having convictions to stand in righteousness and not stand in injustice.

Compassion requires that we are not afraid to help someone else but to say, you are my sister, and you are my brother; we are all human, making up humanity. This could be me in this circumstance, and I would want someone to be kind to me, show their compassion, support, and give their unconditional love.

As you dive deep into these pages, I will remind you about unconditional love, caring for others, and having genuine compassion for one another. You will discover or re-discover for some; the heart is what humanity needs. Compassion goes such a long way in helping individuals find their way in life (as it did for me), then passing it on to someone else so that they can know their destiny, purpose, or calling as well.

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Bio of Ronita Boult

Ronita Boullt is a Disability Awareness Advocate, Educator, and Consultant with a wide range of professional experience and expertise. Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Certified Peer Mentor, and Patient Advocate are just a few of Ms. Boullt’s many professional roles. As a consultant, she leads workshops, presentations, and roundtable discussions on mental health, surviving trauma, and navigating systems of care. Her work is based on her lived experience as well as more than 10 years of specialized training serving vulnerable individuals with Intellectual Development Disabilities (I/DD) as a case manager. Ms. Boullt has assisted the elderly, disabled persons including disabled veterans, and those with complex health conditions, for a combined 30-plus years of direct service. In addition to her Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Services and Counseling, Ms. Boullt holds a number of additional training licenses. Using her lived experience and expertise, she has created an online healthcare training curriculum for healthcare professionals, caregivers, providers, and individuals: “Navigating Systems Care.” This curriculum centers the needs of individuals with complex disabilities and healthcare needs, utilizing a framework of holistic, quality of life, person-centered care.

Ms. Boullt is the Founder of Caring with Compassion Community a “Peer Run” non-profit serving marginalized community members who experience trauma supporting their wellness journey. Ms. Boullt has devoted her career to helping empower individuals most vulnerable helping break the cycle of discrimination through providing person centered, trauma informed approach, care services that is culturally appropriately and petitioning for laws to be changed in Washington.

As an inspirational advocate for the vulnerable population Ms. Boullt is part of several board committees within the community to help implement change, equality, and economic empowerment. Ms. Boullt is connecting with other state agencies, business, and non-profit community providers to implement changes.

In providing consultation and expertise to individuals with disabilities, their families, caregivers, health care teams, the business community, and the public, Ms. Boullt focuses on awareness of appropriate resources and services, while supporting inclusion, diversity, employment, cost-effective resources, quality of life, safety, and maximizing independence.

In her personal wellness journey, she has dealt with chronic health issues, survived natural disasters (including Hurricane Katrina), and cared for her mother for 14 years until her transition. Ms. Boullt has learned how to navigate care systems and use her voice to ensure quality services. Advocating and working collaboratively with various healthcare disciplines, she assured that both she and her mother received quality care and maximized appropriate services to accomplish their health goals.

Through this unique combination of lived personal experience and professional training and expertise, Ms. Boullt has become a passionate and respected advocate for serving the most vulnerable with compassion, as well as empowering individuals, recognizing abilities, and taking a holistic, person-centered care to becoming knowledgeable about disabilities.

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