Caring With Compassion™

Professional Services

Speaker and Professional Consultation Services: disability awareness, education, advocacy workshops, presentation, roundtables, online education, digital content resources, to assist healthcare professionals across systems of care supporting individuals w/disabilities, to help maximize the consumer independence, safety, welfare, cost effectively to remain at home engaging the community.

Business Consultant / Mentor Services: Business Consultation: Free 30 minute consultation: consultation includes: assessment of business need, goals, options (i.e. contracts, online/offline, resources)

Strategic business development package: business consultation assessment of needs, goals, options ( i.e. contracts, online/offline, resources)implementation planning strategies relevant to your business goals and needs.Via telephone call or in-person strategy sessions monthly w/in 4months. (monthly or one-time fee associated with these services discussed upon consultation)

Person-Centered Options Counseling: PC-OC is an interactive process where individuals receive guidance in their deliberations to make informed choices about LTSS. The process is directed by the individual and may include others that the individual chooses or those that are legally authorized to represent the individual.  

Patient Advocacy services: Empower patient, by assisting, in identifying health/wellness, goals, for achieving restoration, and rehabilitation, navigating/negotiating the health care system, facilitating “Person-Centered Planning” for patient holistic needs (i.e. mental, physical, etc) and Long-Term Services Supports-LTSS as part of the patient interdisciplinary healthcare team, to maximize the patient independence, safety, and welfare at home and engaging the community.

Person-Centered Planning Services for Individuals, Families, and Facilitators:

Individual: Individualized person-centered plans include, but are not limited to: • Dreams, vision and goals • A profile that can include likes/dislikes, history, strengths, gifts, talents, relationships, choices, daily schedules, etc. • A one-page summary of the plan • Identifies and describes responsible individuals, action tasks, due dates, and locations, if applicable to implement plan achieving goals purpose identified.

Families: Develop individual person-centered plans with clients based on best practices and build collaborative relationships with the client’s support team (i.e. family/friends, direct support professionals-DSP, medical/healthcare team, etc), to carry out the goals and desires of the client.

Facilitator: Identify and develop a potential circle of support • Explore what matters by listening and learning • Develop a vision for a meaningful life • Discover capacities and assets of family, neighborhood, and support network • Create an action plan • Facilitate follow-up meetings to track progress toward goals.