Working with Ronita Boullt

I had the pleasure of working with Ronita Boullt for several years at Developmental Disabilities Administration with Washington State. As a Case Resource Manager I witnessed Ronita being a tireless advocate for her clients and their families. She consistently took whatever time necessary to ensure they fully understand the intricacies of the multiple systems and supports available to them. Ronita would step outside of her job to go the extra distance to fully comprehend how to maximize available benefits. She was always learning and would readily share her knowledge and expertise with all of her co-workers.

Ronita was very dedicated to her late mother who had M.S. She accompanied her mother on all appointments, whether it be medical or DVR. She encouraged her mother to set goals for her life and advocated for here to access the systems to meet said goals. When her mother’s health took a downturn Ronita would spend time daily in a nursing home setting with her mother to ensure her needs were met, voice was heard, and provide love and care that only a family member could.

I have gained as a person working with and knowing Ronita. She has a zest for life and caregiving that is unmatched by most.

Christopher M. Stover, Case Resource Manager, Developmental Disabilities Administration, Washington State

Ms. Ronita Boullt and my mother met at skilled nursing home facility, during her stay after being released from the hospital. My mother was diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes, Congestive heart failure, C-diff, coronary artery disease and amputated limbs just to name a few. Not only was she dealing with her physical health, but her mental health declined as she was no longer capable of providing for herself and enjoying life.

 My mother worked all her life since the age of 13 until 2002 when she first was diagnosed with Diabetes, her life spiral out of control with her health in 2009 or 2010. She was in and out of just about every local hospital and before my mother met Ms. Ronita Boullt she was depressed, did not have any friends, as one of her closes friends died due to physical health complications. My mother eventually establishes friendships with other residents, at the facility than she met Ms. Ronita Boullt who would always stop by to visit with my mother and other residents. As time progress my mother and Ms. Ronita Boullt relationship flourished Ms. Ronita Boullt would dedicate her time and support to others as well as my mother, after working 5-days a week providing supportive services to disable adults and their families in the community.

When I would visit my mother at the facility, she would always have wonderful things to say about Ms. Ronita Boullt, She would say “she’s from Louisiana, she could cook, she has a kind heart and a gentle spirit.” I told my mother I would love to meet her someday soon. I finally met Ms. Ronita Boullt when she was visiting with my mother outside, on the patio, of the facility. It was a beautiful meeting I remember that day because I notice the sun shined so brightly upon her skin, It was like God was displaying a sign, telling me she is the one I present to your mother to lift her “spirits” up and to “check in”, on her. I must admit, over the years until my mother passed away, whenever Ms. Ronita Boullt came around my mother was always in good spirits. She had a glow in her smile and was hopeful about her future.

Over the years after my mother was released from the skilled nursing facility, moved into her own place, and Ms. Ronita Boullt connected her with other services that were available, in the community that provided support, for her to remain in her home. However, my mother health declined, but no matter what hospital my mother was admitted in, Ms. Ronita Boullt was there, ready to lift my mother’s spirit, encouraging my mother and coaching her to not give up on life, God has a purpose for her.

April 3 2013 my mother past away. The night she passed, Ms. Ronita Boullt, and all the family was there to be with her, we played her favorite music. I had spent numerous nights at the hospital with her, the night I decided to go take a break, shower up and visit with a friend, I received a call my mother had passed away. I always said to myself I want to be there when she takes her last breath, and I wasn’t. But guess who was there with her Ms. Ronita Boullt. She was there, holding her hand and rubbing her head praying over her. I was happy to see that she was there for her and me. She fills in as my angel, and I will always love Ms. Ronita Boullt for being there with my mother as she passed on.

Sherrie Hetherington, CM, Social Services / Healthcare Professional; Caregiver for Her mom, Lesia

I’m Chantal Cannon and I went, from a smart, sharp woman, employed as a Sr Medical Claims Analyst, attending college, to become a pharmacist and being a woman lost, mentally, who had no idea of where to turn, after a life-altering surgery changed my life. One day in 2010 I went into a surgery center to have a cyst removed from my ovaries but instead my doctor of 4 1/2 years, cut my colon which caused me to die twice in one week. Nevertheless, I survived but not before going thru all the heart burning emotions there is. I consulted with Ronita Boullt about my surgery and needing additional surgeries to fix the problems I was having navigating the healthcare services, advocating for resources I needed, for quality care and life. Ronita informed me of all the help most states provide but because I was a prideful woman, I was so embarrassed, to have to apply, for government assistance and apply for disability. However, after talking, with Ronita she explained that there was nothing to be embarrassed about, this is why I paid taxes when I was able, to work prior to this life-changing experience. She helped navigate me through the healthcare systems, advocating, empowering, guiding me, with the steps that were needed for me to take and linking, to appropriate resources, for my quality of life, etc. As my patient advocate, her motivation helped me to rethink my situation and empowered me to let go of fear and shame by following and acting on what she told me to do. I qualified, for various federal, state, government services, community resources I was unaware that my taxes paid, and medical coverage. This allowed me to feed my two sons, covered us so that we could see doctors when needed, until my disability coverage was available, through my employer.

I’m still seeing a therapist twice a month to deal with the repercussions of the four surgeries I had to have for me to be able to survive. Thanks to the patient advocacy and guidance from Ronita I’m able to take care of myself because I’m currently receiving my disability benefits and medical coverage every month. 

Receiving peer/mentoring services, from Ronita over the years have I’ve turned my life around by getting into shape, due, to the surgeries my weight ballooned up to 257 lbs. My take on life is to enjoy every day as if it’s your last. I’ve purchased a home, learned about refurbishing old furniture, remodeling my home and started my own handyman services. I’ve met some amazing people whom I’ve been able to motivate and minister to about the amazing grace of God and his son Jesus Christ. Not every day is easy for me because of the scars I now have from the four surgeries but as time goes on I’m loving my life more and embrace the plans/purpose God has for my life more.

Chantel Cannon, Sr. Medical Claims Analyst, Single Mom, Patient Advocacy/ Wellness/ Rehabilitation

I ‘ve had the pleasure to have a friendship with Ronita for nearly 20 years She driven by her compassion to help others achieve their personal life goals.

She’s a great listener she listen and hears what your goals are or what you’re passionate about then naturally assist you in developing a plan to see your passion or goals come to fruition.

Although she’s a very busy entrepreneur she always has time for her family and friends whom she has unconditional love for.

She’s a very special woman and I’m truly thankful she’s my friend.

Yolanda , Personal Friend/Administrator Professional-Colleague

As a RN my experience and knowledge about various disability resources were limited, in providing social and community resources, for those who needed these specific services.

Working with Ms. Boullt as a pediatric case manager I was able, to gain knowledge about appropriate resources, to support children with various complex medical conditions, developmental delays/disabilities and their families. This took my case management and advocacy skills, to a different level. Her personal and professional experience enhanced my skills, for the better, benefitting, of those in need of those services.

Lois, Registered Nurse, Pediatrics/ Healthcare Professional / Colleague)

 Before Hurricane Katrina, JPHSA-Human Services Authority, hired Ronita Boult as an Employment and Vocational Coordinator, after Ronita interned, under, Ramona McKendall, Program Administrator, with JPHSA-Division Of Developmental Disabilities. Ramona, is no longer w/us due to a battle w/cancer. Ramona, loved assisting individuals with disabilities to volunteer and work in the community, and begin developing Employment and Vocational Coordinator position, for Ronita who matched perfect, for what was needed, to support Individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), Ramona became, Ronita’s mentor taking, Ronita under her wings, and showed her how to get the job done. Ronita was a fast learner and excelled in advocating and assisting individuals with disabilities, to seek employment.

During the times, of Ramona’s medical leave, Ronita was able, to continue, in developing, her role as the  Employment and Vocational Coordinator, representing JPHSA-DD, in the community collaborating with local federal, state, government agencies and community organizations such as: participating, on the Jefferson Parish Transition Team, collaborating and worked alongside Jefferson Parish Public School System, Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, and Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans to help students with disabilities transition from high school to employment.

 Ronita’s caring demeanor, advocacy, with her beautiful personality and smile helped her forge towards achievement in finding vocational/employment placements with business partnering, collaborating with these community organizations, state/federal agencies, ensuring individuals with disabilities, had access, to an inclusionary environment, learning vocational skills, resources, employment goals, to obtain and secure employment.  Ronita has a fire within her to strive for the best, in excellence and never gave up. I loved working and collaborating, with Ronita, on various projects Ronita is not just a colleague but a very dear friend. We are still in touch with each other to this day. Her passion to help individuals with disabilities is still going strong and she loves empowering others through education, resources, in the community and advocacy for quality of life and care. I am blessed to have her in my life as a dear friend I pray her road is continually blessed!

Brenda Gremillion, Quality Assurance Program Monitor, JPHSA-Division Of Developmental Disabilities, Colleague/Friend

I had the pleasure of meeting Rontia several years ago at church. One day after a service we were chatting and Ronita learned that I was a caregiver looking to do individual home care and she was looking to hire someone to care for her mother while she worked during the week days. I was hired to care, for her mother Linda, 5 days per week and I did so for 1 year.

During that time, I got, to know, Ronita as a compassionate, loving, attentive person, love, dedication, to her mother her mother’s care, and wellbeing was amazing.

Rontia was passionate about providing the best quality care for her mother, very involved in every aspect pertaining to her health, from doctors’ visits, educating me, about “person center” holistic care, for her mother’s “quality of life “. I learned best care practices, clear expectation, navigation of appropriate services, resources, support, needed, from me as an individual healthcare provider to her mother.

Rontia always presented herself in a very professional manner as well as showing who she really is as woman of God and as a friend. She is one of the most likable, lovable and most pleasant people to work with.

Dacia Brooks, Health Care Aide Certified-HCAC