Caring With Compassion Community™ Peer Led Community


CaringWithCompassionCommunity™ vision is,a Peer led community, of individuals who have experienced trauma, mental health and have barriers, to recovery and wellness. We are a faith based community supporting the holistic needs of the whole person using a person- centered approach.


CaringWithCompassionCommunity™mission is to meet Peers “where they are”, supporting the wellness and recovery journey, of individuals who have experienced or experiencing trauma and challenges with managing mental illness symptoms. Who need resources and a safe nurturing compassionate community of Peers who have lived experiences of “trauma”, “mental illness”, survived and thriving in their purpose. Providing resources, tools that is a person-centered, approach, supporting the whole person, holistic need, facilitating, self-care, self- awareness, self- advocacy, and empowerment.


CaringWithCompassionCommunity™ goal is, to provide resources and tools that will assisting individuals in their health wellness journey.

  • outreach
  • education
  • referrals
  •  resources
  • create therapeutic supportive environment
  • community engagement
  • mentorship
  • leadership development skills
  • promote an entrepreneurial spirit
  •  economic empowerment
  • vocational & employment support
  • motivation


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I am Ronita Boullt an Author, Speaker, Certified Peer Counselor, Mentor, Disability Awareness Advocate and Educator. I provide professional consultation services, workshops, presentations, roundtables discussions, and online education about navigating integrated healthcare systems, for individuals with complex healthcare needs and disabilities.  I support holistic quality of life, that is person – centered care, and support community engagement.

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