What Caregiving Taught Me

Below is my first blog post sharing my journey of what caregiving taught me. I share how I learned to care for those least amongst us in our communities with compassion by watching my mom and others in my neighborhood as a child care for those who were not able to do so for themselves. This planted seeds and established my foundation for preparation to answer the call assignment God called me to. This is part 1 of my blog:” What being a Caregiver taught me: My personal journey” I pray you are blessed encouraged and inspired to “Care with Compassion.


What being a caregiver taught me: My personal journey

it began with my mom taking care of the least of those amongst us. For example, I remember my mom our next-door neighbor taking care of an elderly woman in our neighborhood. This elderly lady lived with her younger brother who was her caregiver. I lived in a poor neighborhood, this elderly lady and her brother were on a fixed income. She was not connected to any home health services I don’t think they were aware of or I don’t recall. I grew up in the south where most people in my community did not believe in placing family loved ones in nursing homes. I recall this man talking w/my mother and next-door neighbor one day and later that night I went with them to his home. My mom and next-door neighbor had given this elderly lady a bath and combed her hair. I was about 10 yrs. old at the time from that time on we would go w/my mom, my younger sister and I, our next-door neighbor at least 2-3 times a week to take care of this elderly woman or sometimes it would be just my mom and sister. They cared for her until she transitioned. This was my first introduction to caregiving seeds of compassion being planted by my mom who was my teacher and my example in “answering the call” for taking care of those least amongst us w/dignity and care.


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