I have compiled information that may help with ease of access to appropriate resources which can maximize quality of life, safety and welfare, and independence at home and in the community.

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This guide is a tool to help access, social services, and resources for persons with chronic health conditions and disabilities for an attainable quality of life.

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Compassion Will Make You Beautiful™
 I am Ronita Boullt a Disability Awareness Advocate Educator, Certified Peer Counselor, Author, Speaker, and Consultant/Mentor. I provide professional consultation services, workshops, presentations, roundtables discussions, and online education to healthcare professionals across healthcare and social services systems who provide care, for those with disabilities by helping maximize the benefits for the consumer.


My goal as a Disability Awareness Advocate Educator, Certified Peer Counselor, Consultant, Mentor is to bring awareness, supporting individuals with complex health needs, disabilities, to have quality life. Using skills, everyday living, natural gifting’s, talents, abilities, to fulfill truest potential. Equipping individuals, with needed tools, resources that empowers, inspires, serving others, on purpose, fulfilling purpose, with passion and serving individuals with compassion.